The African church primate

African Church Leaders Insist on Yoruba Primate


…says the Church is a Yoruba Church

….minority ethnic group cannot govern the Church

…South-south can go if they want to

Having failed to unseat the Primate unconstitutionally and having met rejection in their resort to bribe other leaders and outsiders to support their mission of ousting the Primate, the leadership of the African Church have finally opened up on their reason for plotting the removal of the Primate, Dr. Emmanuel Udofia.

The Odufuwa-led faction of the Church leaders are recorded go have said that the African Church is a Yoruba Church, and that they will not work under any minority ethnic group.

A source who spoke to in confidence, revealed that the Lay President of the Church, Odufuwa, and the Arch-Bishop of Calabar Diocese, had categorically told resisting south-south members of the Church to leave them and go, if they want to, adding that the Church is theirs (the Yourubas), and that those who started the Church from the onset were predominantly Yorubas and a negligible number of south-southern members.

This is coming on the heels of their unfruitful attempts to buy the consciences of other Bishops, Arch Bishops and key influencers into towing their line yet, did not see result.

“In their desperate quest, they asked the Edo, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Delta and Markurdi Brethren to leave the Church and go and form their own Church”, adding that the minority ethnic group cannot come and control them, Bible or no Bible”. Our source disclosed.

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Our source lamented that the Church which has its members from virtually all the ethnic groups across Nigeria, is being held hostage by the Yorubas. He said: “Lay President is from Ijebu, Deputy Lay President, Ijebu; Arch Bishop of Calabar Diocese, Ijebu; Former Secretary, Ijebu; Former Lay President, Ijebu; the Church’s leadership is no more open to other tribes… Their body language and testimony says it all. They do not want to accommodate other tribes. They are indirectly looking for a way to push out other tribes which are not of them”.

To prove their disregard for the Church’s constituted authority, the Lay President is said to have gone against the ruling of the Primate and boycotted the general secretary (a Deltan) to instruct the Assistant secretary (a Yoruba) to issue a circular for the convergence of the church’s management meeting which was earlier suspended by the Primate.

“The said management meeting is to help them concretise their plans to select and appoint a new Primate amongst them, despite the suspension of all meetings by the legitimate Primate.

“Even when a notice of suspension of all of the Church’s meetings was served to all provinces and dioceses last week, Odufuwa and his cohorts went ahead to contravene that order out of desperation so that they can have a convenient avenue to perfect their plans”, our source said. gathered that the Church’s leadership tussle is not only inter-ethnic but intra-ethnic as well. Among the Yorubas, the Egba ethnic group are not comfortable with the Ijebus on grounds that the former Primate was from Ijebu, “and they still want to control and turn the Church to an Ijebu agenda”, our source said.