Utang Akwa Ibom Feat Entertainers with Business Support base

Entertainment Society Watch

Actor & Comedian, Ekpono Obong Effiong (Respekt), owner of a Barber’s shop and Airclipz Studio CEO, artiste & Ikot Ekpene Entertainers’ Association leader, Wisdom Thompson (Wizzy T) are beneficiaries of the milk of kindness of the Special Assistant to Akwa Ibom State Governor on Entertainment Industry, Mr David Sergeant (Utang Akwa Ibom).

Early on Monday, August 24, 2020, he surprised them both by gifting a generating set to support their small business.

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The presentation was witnessed by the Special Assistant to Governor on Social Orientation and progenitor of the MkpoAmaaChange mantra, Mr Ekpeno Gold.

Utang Akwa Ibom said the gift is not a show off, but a genuine show of encouragement to assist the entrepreneurs. He said that in post COVID era, it is important for entertainers to diversify, to have alternative sources of income, and the lads have shown creativity and competence, hence his decision to gift them the power generating sets.