Accident Victim who Damaged Spinal Cord, Bedridden for Three Years, Cries for Help

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Accident Victim who Damaged Spinal Cord, Bedridden for Three Years, Cries for Help

About three years ago, the world of Mr Godswill Akpan Willie, a Power Engineer came crashing like pieces of broken bottles following a ghastly motor accident that has left him financially and physically crippled.

Godswill Willie who had undergone several bone surgeries in an Orthopaedic Hospital in Enugu has called on well placed Akwa Ibom people and Nigerians to come to his aid as he has exhausted all financial means of getting his life back.

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The 42-year-old accident victim who narrated his ordeal to Newsmen at his hometown, Mbiafun Ukporoko, Ini local government area where he has been confined to and catered for by his aged mother, explained how he has been through hell and pains from the tragic situation.

“I damaged my spinal cord and my legs were broken during the ghastly accident. I was first admitted at University of Uyo Teaching Hospital on 26th January, 2018 but later transferred on 23rd February, 2018 to National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu for bones surgeries.

“Within that timeframe, I had lost my memories and had been unable to recall most happenings around me except where my mother filled me in.

“It was in November, 2019 that I became conscious. My family was able to take me to the National Orthopaedic Hospital in Enugu where I had a surgery on my left hip.

“Having spent some months at Enugu with the bill increasing daily, my father had requested me to apply for a discharge which I did but the hospital management rejected on grounds that I was not fit to go home. After sometime, they came back and said that they needed people to leave; those who have overstayed there.

“Being left with no other option and with the advise from some good samaritans, I asked for the mode of payment. At this time, the bill had accumulated to N1.3million and the good samaritans who contributed some amount though I don’t know the exact, paid part of the amount before I was finally discharged and taken home”, Godswill Willie narrated amidst tears.

Akpan explained further that his source of help and support since then, had come initially from family, church members and friends who assisted in offsetting the medical bills. He maintained that his plea is to regain his life and contribute to his family billings and cater for his aged father who has been struck with stroke since 2020.

While lamenting the burden on his aged mother who has been the major support to him and his bedridden father too, explained that life has not remained the same for his family as feeding is now a major prayer request.

Painting a clear picture of how his daily life has been, Willie revealed that his family cannot even afford money for surgeries or buy catheter again to aid him pass urine nor get a bedding mat to help him defecate lamenting that his mother deviced another means by using hand gloves to empty his urine which according to him smells and has contributed to the bedsores on his body.

Despite the harsh condition, Akpan disclosed that his family had made arrangements with another Orthopaedic Hospital at Port Harcourt to help him have another set of surgeries to correct his left leg which was now shorter than the right, his elbows and hands which had become stiff as well, though lack of finance has become the major setback.

Crying for help too, the aged mother, Gloria Akpan Willie has pleaded with members of the society to assist her get her first son back on his feet. She said one-month after the son, Godswill was transferred to Enugu, the doctors and nurses embarked on strike.

“Due to lack of adequate medical care following the strike, Godswill developed bedsores from the waist to the upper part of his body thus, damaging both sides of his hips to reveal the bones. Worst of all was that, the joint bone of the left leg was damaged too; a bone from the waist was cut off to attach to the remaining bone on the left leg. Then, the flesh on his left leg was cut too, patched up to cover the wounds and the joint bone which was bared from the sore wounds. This has caused the left leg to be shorter than the right leg. It can still be corrected and made equal through surgery.

“I am very optimistic that with financial assistance, necessary x-rays carried out and required surgeries performed, my first son will definitely heal and be able to assist me again. Please help me and my family”.

An also incapacitated father, paralyzed, confined to a chair and supported by the wife, Mr Akpan Willie has also appealed for financial assistance for his family.

Mr Godswil Akpan Willie can be contacted through 08034826101 while financial assistance can be made through his Ecobank Nigeria Plc account: 5271045249 as account number, account name: Willie Godswill Akpan.