Woman Calls on Estranged Husband to Verify Child’s Paternity

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A woman and wife to Mr. Lucky Abogoh, a non-teaching staff of the University of Uyo, who hails from Delta State, has called on her husband to verify the paternity of their child after he publicly disclaimed her pregnancy.

The estranged couple is said to have gotten married in December 2017 but had their marriage sour when in January 2018, barely one month into the marriage, Mr. Abogoh went through his wife’s Facebook messenger while she was asleep and saw chats made by his wife months ago with her ex-boyfriend.

In his fury, he copied the messages to his phone, and uploaded them on Facebook.

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The pregnant wife, unaware of the damning discovery by her husband and worried by his absence and unknown whereabouts started calling family and friends to make enquiries.

She got the shock of her life came when her attention was drawn to several lengthy posts on facebook which had gone viral.

Screenshots of her chats with her ex-lover were generously uploaded on social media and she was called names by the public that were baying for scandal and wanted her crucified.

Mr Abogoh alleged that she was carrying another man’s baby and wanted to impose same on him.

The man went as far as accusing her parents of trying to force him to make sacrifice to appease the gods and pregnancy, because according to him, the parent knew that their daughter was pregnant for another man, so the goat was a kind of sacrifice to reverse the pregnancy to him.

But Miss Edidiong Akpan, who is opening up for the first time on the saga disclosed that, the goat was demanded for the usual culture of “mkpo usong enyin”, which implies an appeasement for impregnating someone’s daughter before marriage – and act regarded as an insult to the community and family of the girl impregnated. This is the action which he (Lucky) misconstrued to be a fraud.

Edidiong laments that, he uploaded his parent inlaws pictures in that error of judgement, ”abusing them, calling them idiot, satanic, fetish and ritualists”

Further investigation disclosed that, during that period Mr Lucky Abogoh posted the chats between his wife and her ex, the lady Edidiong Akpan, had a boyfriend before she met Mr Abogoh as she earned admission to study in Uniuyo. According to her, she broke up with her ex, subsequently becoming an intimate friend to Lucky Abogoh around June of 2017 and she got pregnant

As a ‘child’ she got worried and communicated that to the former boyfriend whom she said, was still pestering her life, while she insisted on the break up with him. From their chats, she told the boyfriend that she is pregnant for a man and the person has proposed marriage and they were set to walk down the aisle.

Further perusal of their chats reveal that, the guy told her that he wont leave her for another man, that she should keep the baby which he presumed to be his, but the girl responded that the father of her unborn child is coming to meet with her parent, that she is no more available.

The screenshots indicate that chats predated their wedding, and not during the wedding.

The baby boy

The baby born by Edidiong Akpan is every bit, a chip of the old block. Miss Akpan says she is ready for a DNA test to prove that she was indeed carrying her estranged husband’s child.

She regrets and weeps severely over the shameful and disparaging comments the saga caused her parents and whatever social distortions her indiscretions may have caused the general public.

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