How Ita Enang Got himself Suspended as Buhari’s SSA

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…His prospects at the presidency

…the Akpabio connection

A source in Aso Rock has revealed the reason behind the sack of Senator Ita Enang, the ex-Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to President Muhammadu Buhari on National Assembly Matters, on Monday, August 12.

The source who spoke in confidence with, revealed that Ita Enang’s oust from office was truly borne from the startling revelations he made about RUGA settlement on air over the weekend.

The source maintained that Ita Enang was angered by the replacement of himself with Akpabio as Minister whereas, he (Enang) was screened among the ministerial nominees for the same position.

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The dismissed SSA who is also alleged to be behind the Independent Corruption Practices Commission (ICPC’s) trail on Akpabio, feels threatened by the coming of the former governor as Minister – a position higher than his.

“So, he decided to ruin everything by saying more than he should have said perhaps, to indict Akpabio and stall his swearing-in next week, and also damning the consequence of his action”, our source noted.

“That was why Enang was categorically mentioning and stressing on Radio that ’all the cows in Annang Land are owned by their leaders”.

To confirm his stance, our source noted that “Mr. Enang knows that RUGA has been suspended. He should have kept quiet and allowed sleeping dogs to lie till a time the Federal Government will talk about it again, but he fears that the coming of Akpabio will reduce him and make him (Akpabio) will more power to himself, that’s why he’s starting now to blow his trumpet. Otherwise, why did he not talk about the RUGA budget before the scheme was suspended? And before Akpabio was nominated as Minister?”

“Who has suddenly asked him to make those utterances he made on air? Its out of his jurisdiction to have spoken on RUGA budget, since when did he become the minister for budget and National Planning?”, our source wondered.

“Ita opened up intentionally knowing that RUGA has been put aside, to get at Akpabio and threaten the Federal Government”.

Another source in the former SSA’s cabinet noted that “Ita is privy to the money he mentioned. Before he announced that two point something billion had been allocated to RUGA in country, he knows so because he accompanies the President to present budgets at the National Assembly”.

“Having revealed the truth the Federal Government has been hiding from the public, he is being suspended from that office so that he won’t make further revelations”, the source continued.

Our source however averred that the ousted SSA cannot be expelled completely.

“He may have been dropped but he’ll be given another appointment because they know that he knows. He is being relived of that appointment because the Senate President (Ahmed Lawan) who is the rubber stamp of the President will not be able to work with him comfortably”.

“The senate President will not able to work comfortably with him again because the senate had tried to hide some facts which he has exposed”.

“The information is quite delicate because it is now clear that the FG lied to Nigerians about RUGA”.

“Enang is also suspected to be in custody of a copy of the budget which he’ll use in holding the presidency to ransom because if they deny his broadcast on Radio or think of sending him packing completely, the document in his custody becomes a live evidence of their lies so, he has to be reabsorbed and given another portfolio else, he’ll start blackmailing. And you know Ita is very trickish. He is not one you’ll chase around with EFCC”, the source stated.

“The battle line has been drawn between the erstwhile SSA, the presidency and the minister-designate, Akpabio”, our source concluded.