2023: The needed change must begin from Home

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2023: The needed change must begin from Home

Charity they say, begins at home. One of the salient things we must do as responsible members of the society is to be change agents and impactful, no matter how small that impact is.

In the spirit of Nigeria’s 61st Anniversary, a lot of muffled cries have arisen from quarters, and complaints seem to have just begun. But there is hope for those who take the Bull by the horns and surge ahead gallantly.

The economy is no doubt bad but there’s something we can do to make it mild on us – Agriculture. Considered the most lucrative venture from times past till date, this activity has continued to generate food, income and other basic essential. This tells why governments invest heavily in Agriculture periodically.

As such, we as citizens must cultivate the soil to escape the wrath of hunger and starvation. It is for this reason, Sen. Effiong Bob is gearing up to sustain and advance the course of agriculture in the State.

Bob recently related that in the Eastern region, Schools, Hospitals and Houses are built for the staffs, with standard facilities and equipments to help them work and produce better.

“They make the farm livable and likable with facilities and electricity so that the thought of coming to town to live will not be there. Now that there is GSM, someone can work in the farm, live in the farm and communicate to any part of the world. Their children will attend school there and their health needs would be covered by the Hospital. We can bring in that kind of farming structure where people do not only come to work at the Ministry but go to farm, earn the same benefits and are living well. Provision of facilities to Farmers to encourage them stay there and farm will be really encouraged in my administration and will reduce unemployment while more industries will be built”, he said.

This grand plan is that change we need which we must allow to start with us.
Effiong Bob is coming!