2023 and the need to follow who sabi road

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2023 and the need to follow who sabi road

Education is the bedrock of every society and the qualification to assess any meaningful height one desires, be it personal or communal. It makes us relevant and fit to take part in intellectual discussions as well as contribute constructively to societal happenings.

Suffice to say that education is the key which opens every door of ignorance, obscurity, limitation and confusion. It is a known fact that no one has ever attained any level of success and breakthrough without some sort of education.

Education is that anchor on which all formal communications leading to state and national developments are held. No deals or investment relationships are struck with people who are not considered level headed enough to maintain and sustain bilateral relationships – this is one of the irrefutable benefits of education.

As a result of its significant benefits, government across continents pay detailed attention to this sector of the economy which is considered the training ground for the development of future leaders. From the enactment of policies to the provision of requisite facilities and equipments as well as scholarships; so much has been done yet, a lot of lapses are still observed in our educational system.

Perhaps, the envisaged solution will only come when one whose priority is education eventually mounts the saddle of governance. This is just as we know that one cannot give what they do not have; only a thoroughly educated leader; well learned and read will truly be able to decipher the problem of our education system, and proffer the most suitable solution to its plagues. The concept of ‘who sabi road’ is therefore hinged on the need to follow a person with the credentials to salvage our current declining education system.

Going by the laid out narratives, Sen. Effiong Bob is that 5-star example of ‘who sabi road’. The learned leader is an alumnus of the School of Arts and Science, Uyo and the University of Lagos where he obtained a bachelor’s degree (LLB) in Law before proceeding to the Nigerian Law School in Victoria Island, Lagos and was called to Bar.

The sterling Nsit Ubium intellectual has been a member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) since in 1984. He served in a law chamber as a Youth Corper and later established his law firm – Effiong Bob and Associates, on completion of his national youth service. During his time as Attorney General in Akwa Ibom State, from 1999-2002, he served as member of the Council of Legal Education (Nigerian Law School); Member, Committee on Recruitment and Discipline (Nigerian Law School); Member, Body of Attorneys General in the Federation; Member, Body of Benchers; and Member, Akwa Ibom State Judicial Commission. He is also a Member of the National Executive Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Bob was also Chairman of Nsit Ubium Local Government Area from 1996-1997. Between 1999-2002, he served as the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Akwa Ibom State and on Nigeria’s return to democracy, he was appointed by the Victor Attah led government of Akwa Ibom State as Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice. During his four year term as Attorney General, he served as Member, Akwa Ibom State Judicial Commission; Director, Anchor Insurance Company Limited; and Director, Akwa Ibom Savings and Loans Limited.

As Senator representing Akwa Ibom North East constituency, he served as Chairman to committees on Senate Services, Finance, Culture and Tourism, Power and Steel, and Local and Foreign Debts. He also served as Chairman, Ad hoc Committee on investigating illegal Withdrawals from the Excess Crude Fund without Authorization from the National Assembly and was a member of the delegation which witnessed the signing of the final exit of the Paris Club Debt in Paris, France.

Other committees he served on as member included: Committees on Appropriations, Air Force, Communications, Education, Privatization, Establishment and Public Services, Foreign Affairs, Christians Pilgrims Committee, and Committee on Information.

During his tenure as Senator, Sen. Bob served as Member representing Nigeria in the ECOWAS Parliament. He was as well Chairman of the National Assembly Caucus, Akwa Ibom State comprising all the Senators and House of Representative Members from the State and member of the South South Caucus in the Senate and a Member of the South Senators Forum. ThisDay Newspaper reported in May 2009 that the Akwa Ibom son of the soil had sponsored bills on amendment to the Energy Commission Act, Public Officers (Review of Cases) Panel, Fire Service (Inspection on Building), an Act to Prohibit Trading in Federal Highways in Nigeria and an Act to Prohibit Touting in Public Places.

There’s no argument that the fine man of impeccable faculty and intellectual depth is indeed the one ‘who sabi road’. The good news is that he desires the same level of political advancement and societal accomplishment for his fellow Akwa Ibomites; and that begins with a good formal education. He says this every time he is opportune to interact with his people.

In one of his recent interactions, the legal guru had harped on the need for Akwa Ibom people to be education-conscious. “Luckily, we now have many institutions of higher learning in the state quite unlike before when you had to go to Lagos, Ife, Zaria, Benin or Nsukka to get one. Our children should take advantage of the closeness of higher institutions and further their education”, he said, while challenging the leadership of Ubium North Stakeholders Forum to mount a vigorous campaign to get their children into higher institutions of learning.

Not only does he call for learning, he also monetizes his plea by way of scholarship and moral support for indigenes of the State in various institutions of learning.

This man ‘wey sabi road’ is a must-buy if improving our education system is our priority. We must embrace this icon of knowledge to better the course of our ill education system if we desire to compete favorably with our contemporaries in other climes. The time to know ‘who sabi road’ is now!