APC Reacts to Bombing of Campaign Office

APC Spokeperson
Eseme Eyiboh, APC Spokeperson, Akwa Ibom State

…says PDP has taken desperation too far

Priscilla Christopher

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of having knowledge of the mayhem caused my hoodlums at the APC Campaign office on the eve of Tuesday, March 5.

In a statement issued out and signed by the APC Chairman of Information and Strategic Communication, Hon. Eseme Eyibo; the party noted with disappointment the moves PDP is making to disturb the peace of the Saturday, March 9 elections.

“We want to alert the nation and particularly, security agencies of the bombing and shootings that took place at the APC Campaign Office along Edet Akpan Avenue, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. The bombing and shooting, which took place at about 7:30 pm on Tuesday March 5, 2019, is another desperate attempt by the PDP to cause large scale violence, capable of preventing the March 9, 2019 from holding”, the statement reads.

According to Eyibo, “An eye witness account has it that the attackers came to the gate of the campaign office and threw a dynamite, which exploded, into the premises. The loud bang sent party agents, who had gathered for training, scampering for safety. In the ensuing melee, several gunshots were fired into the premises, which left three people badly wounded. Victims of the attack have been taken to a hospital in Uyo for treatment”.

Eyibo noted that earlier, the PDP media had gone around town “with photographs of thugs being loaded somewhere in Edo state, purportedly heading to Akwa Ibom State. A few hours later they went to town announcing the arrival and arrest of the supposed thugs from Edo”.

The APC spokesman however noted that by perpetrating the act, the PDP has gone too far. “Whether the attack on the Campaign office was part of this choreographed narrative or not, the PDP has crossed the red line in their desperation for this week’s governorship election. While we sympathize with those who sustained injuries in the attack, we call on security agencies to get to the roots of this latest onslaught against the All Progressives Congress in Akwa Ibom State”.

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Eyibo mentioned that the attack on the campaign office was another threat to the APC in the build-up for the Saturday election.  “This is another in the series of cowardly attempt at intimidating and cowing our party the APC and its supporters in the build up to the March 9, 2019 governorship election in the state. Some months ago, unknown gunmen fired shots into the bedroom of the APC governorship candidate, Obong Nsima Ekere, at his Ewet Housing Estate residence, with his family members narrowly escaping the attack”, he disclosed.

The Party warned that they “will not fold  their arms and allow the PDP wreak havoc on the state”.

They called on “law enforcement agencies to comb the state, root out all the criminal thugs the PDP has infested the state with and ensure that…people are allowed to freely cast their votes”.

The spokesman urged the Party loyalists “to remain calm and vigilant”, assuring that the “perpetrators of this violent act will be apprehended and made to face the full weight of the law”.

He also urged the citizenry not to be deterred or intimidated by happenings in staying back from the elections, while positing that the opposition has been rejected by the majority already.

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